We are experienced in electrical and mechanical installations of large scale engineering projects and multi-intelligence projects. We are the company that complies with professional engineering, fast projecting, quality and OHS management, adopting the needs of the developing construction sector and fast solution processes, showing the most perfect cooperation and harmony, and providing the solutions at the highest level of security at any stage of the work. With our experience and expertise, we realize the installation of complex systems (airports, rail systems, port and infrastructure works, technological buildings, health and sports facilities educational institutions and commercial buildings) and play an active role in the projects and bring them to the conclusion.

Our Electrical Business Scope

  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage
  • Transformer and Generator Works
  • Medium Voltage Switchgears
  • Low Voltage Panels
  • BusBar Energy Distribution Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • CO Gas Detection Systems
  • Voice Alarm Systems
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Video Monitoring and Recording Systems
  • SMATV and IPTV Systems
  • Acces Control Security Systems (Card Pass)
  • Data and Phone Systems
  • Mechanical Automation Works
  • Lighting Automation Works
  • Remote Meter Reading Systems
  • Energy Scada Systems

These are the lines from the distribution table to the junction box to which the last luminaire is connected. At least 6 amperes fuse is used in lighting lines and called as line fuse. The standard of the luminaires used in indoor lighting facilities was made by Turkish Standards Institute (TS-593, TS-3430, TS-8697- and TS-8698).

We produce outdoor lighting systems of various sizes.  Outdoors, where we roam with daylight and do our work, look different to our eyes at night. We observe or hear that the night view of some environments is more effective than daytime. The biggest factor that causes this difference is the lighting quality of that place.


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