We are experienced in electrical and mechanical installations of large scale engineering projects and multi-intelligence projects. We are the company that complies with professional engineering, fast projecting, quality and OHS management, adopting the needs of the developing construction sector and fast solution processes, showing the most perfect cooperation and harmony, and providing the solutions at the highest level of security at any stage of the work. With our experience and expertise, we realize the installation of complex systems (airports, rail systems, port and infrastructure works, technological buildings, health and sports facilities educational institutions and commercial buildings) and play an active role in the projects and bring them to the conclusion.

Our Mechanical Business Scope

We provide water supply, storage, heating, softening, pressure increase and distribution, wastewater removal, wastewater treatment and rainwater discharge.

  • Clean Plumbing
  • Hot Water Installation
  • Cold Drinking Water Installation
  • Wastewater Installation
  • Rain Water Installation
  • Garden irrigation installation

Heating systems are the systems that work with the principle of meeting the heat loss from indoor to outdoor environment (environment) in order to keep the usage areas at the desired temperature. The construction and application works of HEATING projects of hotels, hospitals, administrative buildings, office buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centers, business centers, mass housing, sports complexes, entertainment centers are among the subjects of our company.

  • Radiator Heating Installation
  • Apartment Heating Installation
  • FanCoilli Heating Installation
  • Air Ducted Heating Installation
  • Underfloor Heating Installation
  • Convector Heating Installation
  • Split Air Conditioning Heating System
  • Radiant Heating System
  • VRV / VRF Heating Installation
  • FanCoil Cooling System
  • Air Ducted Cooling System
  • Split Air Conditioner Cooling System
  • Cold Room Installation
  • VRV / VRF Cooling Installation
  • Precision Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Ducted Ventilation Installation
  • Airpirator Ventilation Installation
  • Parking Exhaust Installation
  • Shelter ventilation system
  • Stair Pressing System
  • Coupled System Installations
  • Hydrant Lines
  • Fire Cabinets
  • Welded System Installations
  • FM 200 Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • Sprinkler System
  • Argonfire Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • Gear System Installations
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Pump Offices


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