Renewable Energy Systems

In the world, the energy demand increases by approximately 4-5% every year. However, the fossil fuel reserve that meets this need is depleted much more rapidly. it seems to be largely exhausted and cannot meet the need.

Solar energy is also the basis of other renewable energy sources. The main source of energy for life on earth is also the Sun. Solar cells absorb light energy and convert it into electrical energy. Satellites launched into space generate the electrical energy they need from solar cells on solar panels. The daily energy that the Sun sends to Earth is almost ten thousand times more than the energy needed by all mankind during the day.

GES system is the short name of the electricity generation systems from solar energy and it is expressed as solar system or GES systems. In the logic of GES systems, the generation of electrical energy occurs as the electric current forms as a result of the movement of electrons by falling of solar heat on the solar panels. Especially in recent years, demand for renewable energy sources of GES systems in Turkey are increasing rapidly.

Wind Power Plants (WPP), which is one of the renewable energy sources, is more advantageous than the others in terms of continuity and operating expenses despite the high investment cost. After the WPP project phase, we provide services in transformer building, power line assembly and commissioning of the system.



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